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Hey Beautifuls!! Flip, Swing and slay with Pinkline Collection, one of the top companies in the hair game. We provide women with hair that is beautiful, soft and full from root to tip and of magnificent quality.

Hi! I am Jaketha and I am the owner/ Founder of Pinkline Collection,

Ever since I was younger I've always worn some type of weave or extensions be it braids, twist, and sew ins or wigs.Throughout the years I've grown to know that beauty supply stores and some online hair companies have been lying to you, their loyal customers about providing you with good quality hair, 100% human hair, then after 1-2 weeks after your purchase, hair begins its process to matt and tangle, and doesn’t stop there as I have also been privileged to experience hair that became tangled right out of the box.


I've now became educated and have researched the hair industry and have garnered enough knowledge to share with you what I have learned about the who’s and how’s of the hair manufacturing process and my goal is to make it clear to you that our company will provide the best quality hair that is versatile for you to Flip, Swing and slay always!